Why Choose Vintage Wall Art for Your Home

Why Choose Vintage Wall Art for Your Home

Do your walls seem plain? Does your home lack a special touch that brings back cherished memories and sparks your desire to travel?

At TravelArty, we believe vintage wall art is the perfect solution for lifeless walls that deserve some passion. Each piece is beyond mere decoration, capturing the unique spirit of a place and time. Imagine a busy Bazaar of India, an Asian marketplace, or a snow-capped mountain peak—all brought to life on your walls!

Our story began with Dr. Rama Arora's passion for travel and belief in the power of art. Dr. Arora envisioned TravelArty as a way to bring high-quality, travel-inspired art to every doorstep. She wanted people to connect with the world through their home décor, so they did!

Now, the legacy continues under the leadership of her son, Mr. Raman Singh. Raman's experience in e-commerce, honed at giants like Amazon, ensures TravelArty delivers exceptional pieces with a seamless online experience.

Continue reading to know why you should choose vintage wall art for your home as your next prime purchase!

The Charm of Vintage Wall Art  

To the naked eye, art looks beautiful, but each piece is more than that. What makes vintage travel art so precious, you may wonder? Let's dive into the know-how!


A Window to the Past: The History and Significance of Vintage Wall Art


Vintage art, as the name suggests, dates long back. For example, the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s introduced a sleek, geometric style that celebrated modernity, luxury, and technological progress. It features bold colours and symmetrical patterns. Meanwhile, the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th to early 20th century focused on organic forms, flowing lines, and intricate details inspired by nature. However, impressionism emerged in the late 19th century, which took wall paintings to another level, with light brush strokes and emphasis on light and colour, capturing moments with a sense of immediacy and movement. 


Each vintage piece reflects a distinct artistic style and period. These artworks are more than just aesthetics; they're cultural snapshots about tales of past travels, societal preferences, and artistic movements. Owning a piece of vintage art allows you to connect with history, bringing a touch of the past into your present.


Beyond Aesthetics - A Conversation Starter


Forget generic wall art that goes unnoticed. Vintage pieces are conversation magnets. Their stories and historical context spark curiosity in your guests. A vintage map could start discussions about travel dreams, while a mid-century illustration could prompt a light-hearted debate on design trends. 


Vintage art is a platter for sharing stories and ideas and fostering connections, transforming your space into a platform for lively conversations. More importantly, these pieces reflect your individuality. A collection of vintage art speaks volumes about your taste and passion, making your home a true extension of your personality.


More Than Just Beautiful - A Timeless Investment


Vintage art has the potential to appreciate over time. Unlike mass-produced decor that quickly loses appeal, well-preserved vintage pieces can become cherished gifts or valuable collectables passed from generation to generation. 


Additionally, choosing vintage living room wall paintings is a sustainable choice. Opting for pre-loved art reduces your environmental footprint and gives a vintage piece a new life in your home. Investing in vintage art is a win-win – beautifying your space while making a conscious choice for the planet.

 Vintage Topkapi Painting Istanbul Turkey

Vintage Topkapi | Painting | Istanbul Art | Buy Travel Art – TravelArty

Discover Our Exquisite Collection of Vintage Wall Paintings 

At TravelArty, we have a collection of vintage living room wall paintings that will transform your space. Our collection consists of various subjects, moving you from the bustling Parisian cafes to the serene beauty of Indian landscapes. 

Vintage Travel Posters – TravelArty

If you also desire a touch of wanderlust in your home, explore our travel-inspired pieces, featuring everything from vintage London scenes to abstract interpretations of exotic destinations. Let's look at some of the living room wall paintings that you can consider for yourself today.

Vintage London Art Collection | Travel Arty – TravelArty


Boho art

Get a carefree spirit across your walls with bohemian art. Our collection features artwork with vibrant colours and floral/nature-related patterns. Such pieces are perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your living room


Leaves-And-Vases Boho Art Bohemian


Visit now: Buy Leaves-And-Vases Painting online in India - TravelArty


Canvas art painting 

Large canvas paintings featuring abstract interpretations of exotic destinations can become the focal point of your room. 

Imagine a vibrant piece of colours capturing the essence of a crowded Vietnamese market, geometric shapes hinting at ancient temples in India, or light brushstrokes linking to London's minimalistic modernity. These statement pieces will transport you on a visual journey, igniting your inner travel enthusiast and sparking memories of cherished adventures.

 Benares Ghats  Indian Art Landscape Painting

Visit now: Benares Ghats By Panoramic India - Buy Large Sized Canvas Art Online – TravelArty

Coffee and café culture theme paintings

We also have various theme paintings, coffee and café culture being one of them. This theme lets you bring the warmth and ambience of a Parisian cafe to your living space. 

Our collection features vintage paintings that capture the essence of social hubs—steaming cups of coffee, people engaged in lively conversation, and a platter of freshly baked croissants. 

 Visit now: Afternoon Coffee In Paris Cafe Wall Painting – TravelArty


Abstract art

Our collection of abstract art is all about expression. Bold splashes of colour, unexpected textures, and playful geometric shapes add an essence of creative power to a dull room. 

Whether you see a bustling cityscape within a kaleidoscope of colours or a sequence of living room wall paintings with random brushstrokes speaking an unspoken story, abstract art allows you to connect with the piece on a deeply personal level, beyond literal representation. 


abstract art collection

 NYC Abstract Art Collection | Abstract Art Paintings – TravelArty


Our commitment is to live up to your art inspiration!


At TravelArty, our dedication goes beyond variety. Each piece goes through a careful curation process, ensuring authenticity and exceptional quality. Many of our vintage pieces have been lovingly restored, allowing you to experience their timeless beauty for generations. 

Bringing History to Your Walls: Decorating with Vintage Art

Vintage wall art isn't just about nostalgia; it's about adding character to your modern space with a touch of the past. But how do you add these unique pieces to your existing decor? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Embrace the Unexpected: Vintage art thrives on bold statements. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles. A vibrant Art Deco travel poster can add colour to a minimalist living room, while a delicate Impressionist landscape complements a mid-century modern space.
  • Consider Colour Palettes: Look for vintage paintings that complement your existing colour scheme. A turquoise seascape might be perfect for a beach-themed room, while a warm landscape could enhance a terracotta-toned space. Alternatively, you can use a vintage piece to build your colour palette around its dominant hues.
  • Think About Scale and Placement: The size and placement of your vintage art are crucial. A large, statement piece like a travel canvas can be placed as a central point in your living room, while smaller portraits of landscapes can be grouped to create a gallery wall. Consider hanging vintage art above a sofa, fireplace, or console table to create a natural centre of attention.
  • Pairing it up: While vintage art can stand independently, pairing it with other decorative elements can elevate the overall look. For example, surround a Parisian cafe scene with vintage travel books or complement a landscape painting with antique brass lamps and a rustic wooden table. These curated touches create a combined narrative and transport you deeper into the world depicted in the artwork.
  • Embrace the Unexpected: Never be afraid to get creative. Vintage art can be displayed on counters for a more artistic touch incorporated into DIY projects like tabletop frames. Let your imagination guide you and create a space reflecting your personality and love for ancient existence.

With some planning and these handy tips, vintage wall art can act as a bridge between your modern space and history, cultural richness, and captivating stories. It is time to start your artistic journey and breathe new life into your walls with vintage pieces by TravelArty.

Invest in a Piece of History: Shop TravelArty Today!

Forget the snow globes and fridge magnets – your home deserves more! TravelArty offers a better alternative to traditional travel souvenirs. We believe your walls shouldn't just collect dust; they should tell a story.

We take pride in offering a collection unlike any other. Our experts have selected each vintage wall painting themselves. With each piece, we ensure authenticity, exceptional quality, and a true connection to the past.

Discover the perfect vintage wall painting from our collection to reflect your personality. Spark your travel desires with each piece. At TravelArty, we have something for every taste - from picturesque landscapes to travel-inspired abstracts. 

Visit our website today and invest in a piece of history that will bring your walls to life! Buy now.



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